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April 25 – Dr. Barbara Trautlein
Develop your Change Intelligence CQ®:
Leading Change and Other Critical Initiatives

Become a more agile leader by learning tactics to influence-up, collaborate cross-functionally, and motivate direct reports to forge partnerships up, down, and across the organization. From new technologies to increasingly demanding customer expectations to new generations entering the workforce, we are all are bombarded with never-ending change. Are you frustrated that no matter what you try, your change initiatives seem to either fail outright or produce gains that don’t last? The reality is that as many as 70% of organizational change efforts fall short of expectations. Yet, your team’s impact and your career progress hinge on your ability to lead successful and sustainable change. In this dynamic workshop, you’ll get beyond the buzzwords and leverage a proven formula for change. The CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® is based on […]

Tues. March 12 – Tim Ursiny
Effective Coaching Skills
For Busy Managers

Top performing managers know that a coaching approach to management yields greater results and yet, creating the time to coach is a major obstacle for many leaders. The old ways of leading people are over. A “command and control” approach to leadership results in lack of alignment, conflict, low commitment, low accountability, lack of harmony and low profitability. This program focuses on how to coach in a time-efficient manner that creates incredible buy-in and performance. In this highly interactive program participants will: learn how to create ownership and urgency from those they lead; practice specific coaching skills and tools to bring out the best in others; learn keys and a format to managing their coaching time; explore a 12-minute coaching model that creates positive accountability and results; coach each other on real issues that impact […]

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Effective Coaching Skills
For Busy Managers

Out of Chaos Comes Brilliance – by Ann Tardy

(and the Mass Ascension of Hot Air Balloons) According to the I Ching… before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. (The I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.) And that describes the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM, the largest celebration of hot air ballooning. It was 5:00AM when we entered Balloon Fiesta Park with thousands of people from around the world. We immediately walked to the field to secure a spot on the sidelines, ready to witness the show. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of balloon vehicles drove onto the field to set up in the dark. And then a strange thing happened… the massive crowd started flooding the field, ignoring the sidelines and the lack of lights, paths, or […]


Jan 29 – Ann Tardy
Managing & Leading:
Strategies to Help You Excel at Both

This session will explore the essential strategies and techniques required to both lead and manage simultaneously from the same role. Being a manager is one of the most arduous and yet most valuable roles in any organization. The challenge lies in dealing with the expectations of those above and below you while also contributing to people’s success around you. When you master this, you will discover how to impact any organization from the middle. This workshop is personally lead by Ann Tardy, voted Outstanding Business Woman of the Year by the American Business Women’s Association.  You will leave this class with fresh insights and the skills needed to powerfully evolve into a successful Manager AND Leader. Biography: As a former Silicon Valley corporate attorney and a current CEO, Ann knows people from […]