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Out of Chaos Comes Brilliance – by Ann Tardy

(and the Mass Ascension of Hot Air Balloons) According to the I Ching… before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. (The I Ching is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.) And that describes the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM, the largest celebration of hot air ballooning. It was 5:00AM when we entered Balloon Fiesta Park with thousands of people from around the world. We immediately walked to the field to secure a spot on the sidelines, ready to witness the show. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of balloon vehicles drove onto the field to set up in the dark. And then a strange thing happened… the massive crowd started flooding the field, ignoring the sidelines and the lack of lights, paths, or […]

Is Success on the Other Side of Fear?

By January 31, 33% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. And by June, 77% of people forget they ever had resolutions. Which might explain why only 40% of people even set resolutions each year. Some experts argue that failure is inevitable because our resolutions/goals are too lofty, too foggy, too easy, or too hard. Other research suggests that we are too busy to stay committed, we suffer from decision fatigue, we don’t plan our goals, and we don’t have anyone to support us. What if the only thing standing in our way is fear? “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” (George Adair) But what are we afraid of? Failing (being part of the 77% of resolution quitters!) Succeeding (and then having to sustain success […]

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership Today’s organizations exist in an increasingly complex and ever-shifting ocean of change. As a result, collaboration is no longer a “nice to have” corporate philosophy. It is an essential ingredient for leadership effectiveness and organizational success. While almost all leaders say they want collaboration – fewer show that they do. Here is a link to my Forbes blog, “6 Crucial Behaviors of Collaborative Leaders.” In addition to my IMS programs on this topic, I have recently been a keynote speaker on “The Power of Collaborative Leadership” at a conference for Supply Chain executives, at Raymond Corporation (for their invited suppliers), and for the Retail Executive Summit. Warm regards, Carol We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman who will conduct a full day seminar for us in […]

Leslie Mulligan Looks at Trump’s Negotiation Advice in The Art of the Deal

Some of you may remember June 16, 2015, the day Donald J. Trump proclaimed in his presidential announcement: “We need a leader that wrote The Art of the Deal.”  Of note; since the his presidential run announcement, his book The Art of the Deal has moved from No. 1,107 to No. 24 on Amazon Movers and Shakers list, to where it now sits at No. 62.  His most recent book Great Again is also a best seller in the political category at AMAZON where there are so many books written by Donald Trump it’s difficult to count them all. As a negotiating expert and trainer with Watershed Associates, our upcoming speaker Leslie Mulligan was compelled (like so many others) to finally read Trump’s first book, Trump: The Art of the Deal. Leslie’s motivation, as […]