Dec 12 – Dr. Michael Woodward
From Player to Coach
Making the Successful Transition to Management

The transition from star player to team coach is a tremendous leap. All too often new managers are thrown into challenging circumstances with limited support and resources. With increasing globalization and the move to virtual environments, managing is more complex than ever before. As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Woodward believes that effective management is rooted in understanding the psychology of human nature. During this session Dr. Woodward will facilitate self-insight and provide simple techniques for effectively managing in this ever changing business environment.

Dr. Woodward will focus on developing self-insight, building trust, having tough conversations, and learning the art of influence. The session will blend interactive lectures, individual exercises, and group discussions. The session will culminate with each participant making commitments to turning their learning into action.

Time / Topics:

20%  The Values Compass – Understanding the Role of Values in Managing
• The Role of values in managing and leading
• Identifying and articulating your five (5) core values
• Why management all comes down to conversations
• A model for conducting critical conversations
15%  Critical Conversations – Having those tough talks about performance
• A five-component model for building trust
• Creating familiarity: The key to building trust among colleagues and staff
10%  The Trust Factor – Creating a team bond
• Influence vs. power: Changing minds not just behavior
• A model for building influence
15%  The Art of Persuasion – Influencing others to action
• What to let go of and when to do it!
• An opportunity to develop your staff
15%  Getting Out of the Weeds – Letting go through delegation
• The three ROTS: Red, yellow, and green rules of thumb
• Knowing and effectively using your ROTS
20%  Know Your ROTs: Developing Management Rules-of-Thumb
• What are you going to commit to doing?
• When will you have it done and how will you measure success?
5%   Committing to Action (individual exercises)
• What are you going to commit to doing?
• When will you have it done and how will you measure success?

Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a CEC certified professional coach trained in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. As a consultant and professional coach, Dr. Woodward works with both private and corporate clients on building management/leadership capacity and the psychology of career engagement in the New Economy. Dr. Woodward is the founder and president of New York-based consulting firm Human Capital Integrated (HCI).

Dr. Woodward is author of the top selling job book The YOU Plan: A 5-step guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy. Dr. Woodward has also published award winning research on teamwork titled Cooperation and Competition: The Effects of Team Entrainment and Reward Structure.

Dr. Woody has appeared nationally on The TODAY Show, Live! with Regis and Kelly, Fox & Friends, Fox News, CNN International, Lisa Oz, Fox Business, Dr. Steve Show, MONEY w/ Melissa Francis, The Better Show, and Daytime among many others. Dr. Woody has appeared on the Bravo Network’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover as a guest expert working with Tabatha and her team. Dr. Woody has also appeared on WNBC TODAY in New York, WGN Midday Chicago, KCAL-9 Los Angeles, CBS-4 Miami, PIX-11 New York, Good Day Atlanta, Focus on South Florida, and FOX-5 Las Vegas.


Hotel 140
140 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA


Dec 12, 2017
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Member Only Cost:
$425 includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and 30 days to use IMS L2 Leveraged Learning website with Online Tools and IMS QuickCoach video coaching resources for managers.


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