IMS Membership Benefits

Extensive Leadership Development Menu

Each year a diverse selection of Leadership Development topics are selected with member input.  In October a balanced 12-month curriculum is presented for the following calendar year providing members time to post events internally.  The topics center on the blended learning needs of active executives, managers, and high-potentials.

      IMS Seminar Topics Cover Core Leadership Competencies:

  • Accountability and Engagement
  • Adaptability and Resilience
  • Business Acumen
  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Communication

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Decision Making

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Global and Culture

  • Health and Wellness

  • Increasing Productivity

  • Motivation and Engagement

  • Negotiation and Sales

  • Performance Management

  • Political Savvy and Career

  • Project Management

  • Relationship Management

  • Strategy and Vision

  • Team Building

  • Time Management & Personal Productivity

  • Womans Leadership

  • And More…

Ongoing Access to Inspirational Leadership Educators

The “IMS Difference” is our faculty. IMS Membership provides access to some of the most well-known management thought-leaders in the world each and every month.  IMS educators are top business school professors, best-selling authors, Fortune 500 coaches and Executive Consultants.  IMS makes all the arrangements so our members L&D leaders don’t have to… and the speaker’s high honorariums and travel expenses… they are shared by all members in attendance!

IMS seminar attendees know who their educator will be in advance… not just a set of materials taught by a random instructor – your day is lead by an inspirational speaker – the person that wrote the book!

On-line Support After the Seminar:

Leverage Learning and IMS Quick Coach

The question often asked by IMS members “How do we leverage that learning back into the organization?”

Using tools such as online coaching, related articles, self-assessments, exercises, and other materials,  participants are able to further augment the seminar learning and bring it back into the office.  These new resources increase the probability that attendees will understand, share and implement the ideas discussed at the session. In 2011 IMS introduced Leveraged Learning and IMS QuickCoach. Today IMS has a library of thousands of exercises and short-form video coaching modules, and we are proud to point out that fully 80% of seminar attendees use the Leveraged learning tools after a seminar – services included in the cost of the seminar.

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Administration Resources for Members 

After purchasing an annual membership your Learning staff can easily promote, manage and monitor IMS attendance with an online toolset provided by IMS.  For example, you will be able to send targeted and automated seminar notifications by competency or location.  Employees viewing the notices can easily research seminars and register online.  Registrants receive automatic confirmations and reminders.  The IMS on-line registration notification and administrator console is a major plus for L&D departments wanting to promote and monitor registrations at multiple branches. Reports provide instant visibility as to who is attending what session, where, & when.  And there is so much more including our leadership “Book of the Month” sent to our member advisors, with which to stock their Leadership Libraries…

Geographic Access:

As a sponsoring member, your leaders, managers, and high-potentials have exclusive access to high-level faculty providing leadership advice month in and month out.  Local seminars and the one day format means less T&E for members with satellite operations.  Why fly managers in for leadership training when IMS seminars are available in 15 regions throughout North America.

Seminar Format:

All IMS seminars are one-day live events. Whereas two-day seminars can be productive, they are typically less intensive and involve overnight expenses, and such time-away from the job is hard to justify.  Half day seminars are crammed and a day is typically lost anyway.  IMS feels an efficient well structured one-day format coupled with our online Leverage Learning resources are highly productive and the most cost-effective.  There is something about a live event with a renowned speaker that motivates and inspires people to take action.  Additionally, the IMS online review tools enhance learning retention and facilitate greater sharing.  A continental breakfast, continuous refreshments, a first-class lunch, workbook, and handouts, are all part of every IMS experience. These things coupled with the promise of yet another inspirational faculty member has managers returning for additional development.


The IMS audience is a more homogenous group than commonly found at public seminars. And IMS attendees maximize peer interaction in an environment largely free from the typical distractions of public seminars and trade show conferences.  The IMS members-only policy helps ensure that each seminar is a focused interactive learning experience with like-minded business leaders from larger organizations sharing similar challenges and aspirations.

Trusted Partner – Experience and Reputation

IMS has been delivering management education seminars to business leaders since 1974.  Members can count on a high-quality learning experience and a format that is consistent across all IMS regions. Currently over 450 corporations and organizations – the majority of them in the Fortune 1000 are members of IMS.  View here a partial list of  current members who depend on IMS for monthly seminars in over 25 regions.  Did you know that there are over 20,000 attendees educated at IMS sessions annually?

 Experience an IMS Workshop!

If you are an L&D or HR professional and would like to evaluate the IMS learning experience, or you would like one of your leaders to attend an upcoming seminar for the purpose of evaluating the quality of the IMS educational experience,  we would be pleased to extend an invitation to your organization for a complimentary session.  Simply contact us to set up your session.  Attending a seminar is the best way to appreciate why IMS is a trusted partner for so many leading organizations.

For a Membership Application and Information please email or call 617-489-9055