Sounding Board

The resources of the IMS Sounding Board are available exclusively to senior policy making executives of IMS sponsoring member organizations on an as needed basis. Qualified members may call or or email any member of the Board as often as necessary to make arrangements for a fruitful discussion.  The services do not extend to on-site consultations and so are limited to telephone consultations.

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is this the best possible solution?” “How have others addressed this problem?” “Have others used this approach, and if so, what was the outcome?” What other issues should I consider in finding the best alternative?”

The executive Sounding Board is the institutes response to this dilemma.  It  allows senior policy making executives to draw upon a wide variety of outside experts in order to “bounce ideas off them”.  The Institute has already done the work of identifying the best resources. They are all experts in their respective fields. Each has conducted extensive research, is a published author, is highly respected by professional colleagues, and has considerable experience working with major organizations solving problems. You will find each is easy to talk with and will treat your inquiries with the utmost confidentiality.  And best of all, each is only a telephone call or email away.

Gordon A. Peters
Chairman and CEO
The Institute for Management Studies


For more information and or to recieve the current list of IMS Executive Sounding Board resources, bio’s, and contact details, members can contact the IMS Boston Chairman.