Leveraged Learning

All IMS seminar attendees receive a link to access the Leveraged Learning (L²) and IMS Quick Coach websites.

The IMS L² and IMS QuickCoach  resources are designed to extend the IMS classroom experience, to facilitate a review of the material, and to aide in the retention and sharing of new concepts introduced at IMS seminars.  These on-line resources have been widely embraced by seminar attendees.  In 2017, fully 79% of students were using these resources after a learning event.  A brief description of these benefits are provided below:

Leveraged Learning 

Studies have shown that learning retention can increase by as much as 40% if the subject matter is reviewed within a week of first exposure.  This is why IMS and sister company Athena Online developed Leveraged Learning or L2.   After each IMS live seminar, attendees receive a special access link to the Leveraged Learning page for their session.  Attendees are able to access copies of faculty presentations(if provided), relevant content, pdf’s and related on-topic videos.  Additionally attendees can view faculty videos that have been recorded at Athena Online’s studios in California.   The combined resources help students  to review and solidify concepts after the session, and to share with others in the workplace. Additionally students can explore references to supplementary materials that expand upon the concepts taught at IMS live seminars.


IMS QuickCoach – SmartBytes

IMS now provides seminar attendees 30 days of access to our expansive library of expert coaching advice, video recordings recorded by numerous leading business experts – many of them IMS faculty.  IMS Quick Coach is an incredibly powerful resource developed with our sister company Athena Online.  Essentially IMS QuickCoach is a database of short-form videos (SmartBytes), recorded expert advice that is searchable by leadership topic or coach.  A search engine is provided to quickly match a managers issue with  an IMS QuickCoach video that can provide a quick prescriptive  answer to a particular need or challenge.

Yes, IMS video coaching modules are quick – usually 5 minutes or less, and focus on leadership topics.  Consultants, authors, professors, and other subject matter experts have broken their knowledge into short modules that each deliver a single aspect of a problem or issue that you may be wrestling with. The experts provide prescriptive advice along with some steps to help implement it.  Each SmartByte is categorized by the question it answers, keywords and concepts, type of delivery, faculty, and the level of expertise that the SmartByte is designed for, making it easy for you to find the information you need.  These videos can be viewed with or without supporting bullet points.  Seminar attendees can easily share these video modules with their team or those they may be coaching.  Users will also find full transcripts of the advice which can be printed and used to study the points or distribute.  Why read the book when a five minute smartbyte will have you off and running – handling that performance review, negotiating with a client, handling a difficult conversation, running a virtual meeting, managing a virtual team… there is advice on hundreds of topics at your disposal.

Quick Coach video scripts are written and delivered by some of the top management thought-leaders in the world.  The IMS criteria demands they be quick and to the point.  Over 180 coaches have recorded over 2000 coaching Smartbytes.  Why read the book when a QuickCoach SmartByte will quickly offer the advice you need for the situation.   To watch a sample of a MyQuickCoach Smartbyte about Coaching and Mentoring click here.

Do you need a coach?

Successful athletes, musicians and business executives all know that one of the best ways to improve personal performance is to get a coach or mentor that can help you help yourself. Coaches can offer new perspectives and approaches to challenging situations that enable managers to move through them more easily.  But who can your leaders consult in the workplace, how, when, where, and at what cost? Really good leadership coaches charge thousands of dollars and you have to schedule your appointments around their availability instead of yours.  IMS developed a solution.  Cooperating with IMS sister company Athena Online,  IMS now offers the recorded and cataloged advice of some of the worlds best business minds in the world to coach your leaders through various managerial challenges.  This incredible on-line resource is exclusively available to IMS members after each seminar.  Many members believe this benefit alone more than justifies the cost of an IMS membership.


To see our impressive listing of IMS QuickCoaches click the image below and then hover your cursor over the faculty member to see their bio:


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