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April 12 – Alan Zimmerman
Motivation, Cooperation and Trust:
Reaching for the Next Level

Unlike most motivational programs that do little more than explain the “why” of human behavior, this program shows you the “how.” You will learn specific communication skills to inspire productivity in others, build their trust, fuel their accomplishment, and assure their peak performance … especially in changing times. Thousands of people in dozens of organizations have benefited from this program, and their feedback says these skills work! When you give people the care they need, they produce the results you want. The objectives for this program include: (1) learning to avoid practices that erode motivation; (2) learning to generate lasting enthusiasm in others; (3) mastering a communication system that brings out the best in others; (4) practicing feedback strategies that improve work processes, boost performance and change unproductive behavior; (5) […]

Copy of Feb 24 – Robert Bies
Keeping People Motivated and Engaged in an Age of Instability

Feb 24, 2015 This program will focus on the key leadership skills necessary for you and your team to survive – and, yes, even thrive – in this age of instability. Specifically, this session focuses on strategies and techniques for communicating more effectively in times of change, including better ways to deliver bad news and ways to keep team performance strong in the face of adversity. We will identify motivational techniques that can sustain and energize your people – and yourself – in the most difficult of times. Dr Bies will focus on how to build “buy-in” and ownership by people for the changes necessary to get through tough times. Finally, he will focus attendees on developing strategies for taking control of change in the future, keeping your team upbeat, […]