Tues. March 12 – Tim Ursiny
Effective Coaching Skills
For Busy Managers

Dates: 03/12/2019 Dates: 03/12/2019 Times: 09:00 - 16:00 Location:
Federal Reserve Building
600 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA, USA

dr-tim-smallTop performing managers know that a coaching approach to management yields greater results and yet, creating the time to coach is a major obstacle for many leaders. The old ways of leading people are over. A “command and control” approach to leadership results in lack of alignment, conflict, low commitment, low accountability, lack of harmony and low profitability. This program focuses on how to coach in a time-efficient manner that creates incredible buy-in and performance.

In this highly interactive program participants will: learn how to create ownership and urgency from those they lead; practice specific coaching skills and tools to bring out the best in others; learn keys and a format to managing their coaching time; explore a 12-minute coaching model that creates positive accountability and results; coach each other on real issues that impact their business; work with specific tools to help blocked or stuck employees;
and learn how to coach different personalities on their team.

Lastly participants will leave this session with the skills and processes necessary to create accountability, positive morale and phenomenal results in a time-efficient format.

Time Allocation – Topics

40% – What is Coaching?

The Definition of Corporate Coaching
Core Beliefs about Corporate Coaching
A Specific 5-Step Model for the Coaching Conversation
Differences between Coaching, Managing, and Mentoring
How to Structure Formal Coaching

40% –  Key Coaching Skills

Goal-Setting and Powerful Questions
Creating a Culture of Positive Accountabilty
Listening Beyond Words
Power of /Intuition
Metacommunication and Dealing with Tough Coaching Conversations

20% – Coaching Different Styles of People

DR. TIM URSINY, founder of Advantage Coaching & Training Inc., is a speaker and certified business coach specializing in helping individuals reach peak performance and life satisfaction. His areas of expertise include communication skills, team building, confidence, coaching skills and dealing with change. He has written or co-written 13 books including “The Coward’s Guide to Conflict” which is in its fourth printing. Dr. Tim is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics that benefit individuals in the workplace and personal life. He has spoken for firms such as Wells Fargo Advisors, Raymond James, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, UBS, LPL, and Invesco. Tim has been interviewed and appeared in The Bottom Line, The Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, Readers Digest, First for Women and other periodicals. He has also appeared on CNN radio news, VH-1 News, and Total Living.

Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center
40 Trinity Pl
Boston, MA 02116, USA

March 12, 2019
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Member Cost:

Includes Continental Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch

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